Adrienne Bailon Welcomes Her First Baby With Husband

Adrienne Bailon Welcomes Her First Baby With Husband

Adrienne Bailon by law and is a mom, the television host and husband Israel Holton have welcomed their first child together via surrogate, a son named ever James in an August 16th Instagram post Adrian gushes our baby boy is here and we are so in love if you have followed our love story.

You know that our journey to baby has been very challenging. But god is true to his word and his promise that the new mom adds that she is in Israel. He tied the not in 2016 have quietly prayed while sitting on the most magnificent secret for the last nine months.

Adrienne Bailon continues he is worth every tear, every disappointment, every delayed prayer, and every IVF cycle. Every miscarriage all we feel is joy and overwhelming love and gratitude closing out her post. The cheetah girl’s alarm thanks her.

Quote, angels surrogate and loved ones for standing by the couple over their five-year journey to parenthood, joking, he’s here and we have never been happier to lose sleep back in. Adrian opened up about her difficulty getting pregnant. Telling ok magazine I refuse to let this be the end of my story.

I know that it’s not and I love it that I tell myself it’s not a question of whether will I be a mother. It’s a question of when and I promise myself that I’m sticking to it and they lived happily ever hot.