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EU officials scramble to douse Kaliningrad tensions | Lithuania’s transit ban to Kaliningrad

EU officials scramble to douse Kaliningrad tensions | Lithuania’s transit ban to Kaliningrad


A few days after Lithuania decided to ban the transit of sanctioned goods to Russia’s a killing and ground region, the European Commission has now said that it is working overnight on plans to defuse the growing colonial grants crisis and it fears that the issue could escalate quickly.

Especially after the mascot threatened to retaliate reaction if the EU does not unblock a stuck in transit and in an effort to deescalate tensions with Moscow. The EU s top diplomats have said that the block has no intention of blocking lower transport of Russian goods to Colin and grad through Lithuania.

The statement comes after Lithuania began implementing sanctions banning the transit of certain Russian goods and through EU states in a statement, you barn appears chief and Joseph borough said my quote. We do not want to prevent the traffic between Russia and Clinton grab. He further said that the measure should be implemented. The clever and smart way.

Now the European Union is aiming at two objectives as of now first to prevent circumvention of these sanctions and second to not block the traffic in the Clinton bread region and in a bid to de-escalate these tensions.

The European Commission is now preparing guidance for Lithuania with an aim to clarify the impact of the sanctions and further attempt to diffuse the dispute according to reports, the commission guidance is being drafted in close consultation with Lithuania.

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