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EU suffers high inflation from lack of Russian gas

EU suffers high inflation from lack of Russian gas

The Russian-Ukraine war continues to rage in Ukraine and has so far been assisted by its European allies who have sent aid and arms to help the nation but on Russia’s behalf an 8. Up its sleeve. It may once again be waiting to use the winter to its advantage napoleon’s France and Hitler’s German war machine are both formidable armies, however, both of them were stopped in their tracks by the Russian.

The accurate reports are hard to find it is believed Napoleon lost more than 400000 men in Russia Hitler may have lost almost a million and both men lost their auras of invincibility, the cold, devastating mainland, or mainland Europe’s will to fight the Russians. Russia may be hoping that history repeats itself Europe is heavily dependent on Russian gas to keep warm in the winters.

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Despite this, the EU has placed sanctions on Russian gas in an effort to punish Moscow for its war in Ukraine, however, the move has led to rampant inflation in Europe, and the world Europe’s Energy security is at stake. The situation is so dire that gas will not be subjected to the next round of. She probably assessed me by checks.

A seventh package is being prepared and I think it is a good cause what is definitely problematic is to include energy into the sanctions because the rule must be observed that the sanctions must have a greater impact on Russia than on the countries imposing the sanctions that are countries in Europe which can’t get rid of the dependency on Russian energies even if they are intensely working on it that we have to keep in mind.

So Justin Simi slim, I think it should not be there because a number of countries depend on Russian gas, the Czech Republic with 97 percent. I don’t like that, but this is a reality. We will do everything we can to cut our dependence, but it won’t happen. That was the Czech premier minister. The Czech Republic currently holds the presidency of the EU Francis’s presidency Manuel Macron also warned about potential Russia. You’re going to start.

So Russia uses energy as it uses food as a weapon of war. And so I think we must today prepare for a scenario in which we have to manage completely without Russian gas. I think that this is not a theoretical scenario. What is Europe doing to prepare for a harsh winter without cheap Russian gas?

Germany is thinking of pausing its transition away from nuclear energy. It has already linked coal power generators to its electrical grid most countries are adding their citizens to come down on energy consumption. They are also planning inflation relief packages to aid their middle-class capsule to fuel and energy prices that have emerged in various European countries.

Franc is also planning to restrict rent increases. I think I have been saying for several months that the hardest part was coming. The hardest part is now here. The peak of inflation is now and this is what justifies the measures that the president and the prime minister asked us to take.

The effects of a lack of Russian Gaza being felt across Europe leaders are bracing for a cruel winter. It could be even worse if Russia does not resume gas supplies from the north stream one pipeline they shot because of scheduled maintenance till July 21st. If this happens, European citizens will face even more hardships due to the war all of Europe’s democratically elected governments will be nervous. Poor, cold, and hungry citizens could vote them out.

Russia is standing in the schools of mainland Europe, testing its resolve to help Ukraine till the end. In this game of who box down first, Russia may be hoping that winter knocks the wind. Out of Europe once again. Our own is now available in your country, download the app now and get all the news on the move.



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