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How to fix Apple watch Stuck on Apple Logo

How to fix Apple watch Stuck on Apple Logo

Your apple watch gets stuck on the apple logo for different reasons. Maybe it’s a bug or just some internal glitch. Thankfully, if it’s just a software issue. Then we do have solutions for that. So let’s have a look at it.

First step

  • You should go forward before you actually reset your apple watch and do this.
  • Just press and hold the side button and the digital crown together and release until you see the Apple logo,
  • give the watch a minute to boot up and power on normally
  • if it didn’t help, you can use the fine mind to unfreeze it.

 Second step

  • Find my apple, watch the find my app will automatically open log-in
  • if you’re prompted to select your apple watch from the list of devices if needed.
  • Tap on play sound, this will probably fix the issue

and if it doesn’t try to play sound a few more times, this would have probably fixed it, but to avoid similar issues in the upcoming future, these are the steps that you need to fall once the watch is no longer stuck on the apple logo.

Unpair it from your iPhone and pay. You should take care of and should probably do it on a regular basis, updating your watches to the latest version with each update. I will try to fix the issues with the existing software and try to introduce new features.

How to fix Apple watch Stuck on Apple Logo

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update the software on your watch

You can update the software on your watch using just your watch to update the software on your apple watch.

All you need to do is open WhatsApp on your iPhone and tap my watch tap general. Software update. And wait for the process to complete and download and install if the latest software update is available. Okay, So the last and probably the final solution to this problem is to reset your watch. This can be tedious, but at the same time, it fixes a lot of problems once you reset it all your data on the apple watch will be white.

So if you already press the digital crown and tap settings. General now tap reset. It is all content and settings enter your watch passcode if prompted and confirm your action once the race is completed

set up your apple watch as new one thing to keep in mind is to avoid restoring from backup to avoid older problems to put over instead what you can do after setting up your apple watch, go to the app store and install all the applications that have been removed.

Also, you can sink music and photos from your iPhone anyway. So that is it. If this tutorial has helped you.



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