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Ivana Trump, Ex-Wife Of Donald Trump, Has Died At 73

Ivana Trump, Ex-Wife Of Donald Trump, Has Died At 73

The Trump family. Donald Trump specifically announced on his truth social platform that his first wife, Ivana Trump has died

Mr. Trump for a president called Ivana his first wife quotes a wonderful, beautiful, and amazing woman who led a great inspiration in that life saying it is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Ivana.

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Remember she’s the mother to the former president’s oldest children involved in junior Eric. The Czech-born woman met the future president while working in New York as a fashion model in the late s. She mentioned she was mom to don junior to a bunk at Eric and a grandmother to their combined ten children during her marriage to former President Trump.

She also took on big roles in the Trump organization, which at the time managed the family’s real estate holdings. She was 73 years old. Just a moment of reflection here given this news that is developing here this hour.

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Yeah, obviously the former president’s first wife and longest-tenured wife, if you want to put it that way is the father. The mother of the first children, former first children in the White House, it’s worth noting Halley and you know this as well as anybody that the former president did have warm relations with his former wife.

They were still in contact over the years and she was still involved in the family life here, but obviously, the condolences going out to the former president to his family at the loss of Ivana Trump now.





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