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Jibaro Ending Explained (Love, Death And Robots)

Jibaro Ending Explained (Love, Death, And Robots)

Jibaro Ending is written and directed by Alberto meal go who if you didn’t know directed this puppy right here that’s commonly referred to as the witness to Miller. The creator and one of the producers of love, death, and robots also helped co-write the episode, which is pretty Greek and rat this guy named or according to this interview with Alberto, whom and I agree goes on to say, by the way, in the movie referring to the episode.

We never actually say who is Hebrew. Which is kind of the funny thing we assume it’s him. But maybe it’s not so Hebrew or whoever the this is to grab a piece of gold out of the water, which seems to awaken this death, bringing a woman who automatically also doesn’t have a name. Actually, I took that back. I see right here that she’s credited as the golden woman.

I guess we can refer to her as that or we can refer to her as a siren because that’s exactly what she is, but instead of luring sailors to an island with her parents. Beautiful voice the golden woman lowered soldiers into the water with a very harsh, unsettling scream Hebrew is protected from this very irritating screen because he is the literal definition of the word debt after Hebrew escapes the siren.

She tracks him down and then they lay with each other for the night, Hebrew wakes up and then starts pursuing her trying to take all the gold jewelry covering her entire body the jewelry of the golden woman is inspired by cultures in western Europe, Russia, India, and North Africa. In fact, a lot of the inspiration for the story came from the folklore within those regions speaking of stuff like that, these guys are right here must have been meeting with the nights in order to get rid of the siren, which is why they’re all meeting in this one specific location, to begin with.

And if we rewind the episode just a little bit, we can see right here that as the nights approach the golden woman’s main hangout spot. There are these paintings on the trees depicting the golden woman’s eyes and the water she resides in these drawings must have been left here by people who have heard about or have seen the aftermath of what the.

Aaron is capable of doing. I’ve heard some people claim that these guys are priests, but I don’t think they are. I’m not just outright saying that the story takes place during the Elizabethan era, but given the medieval knights and the way these guys are dressed, I’m just going to assume that this story takes place sometime around the Elizabethan era, you know a time where the color purple was only associated with royalty or the elite.

So everyone in this episode is essentially motivated by greed explaining why he borrow keeps the gold piece secret at the beginning and why the leader of the knights is decked out in gold, also possibly hinting at the fact that these rich right here are probably wanting to obtain the golden woman’s gold and diamonds and whatever jewelry she’s wearing like the witness.

Peter oh follows the same theme of toxic relationships director-writer at settler Alberta meal goes on to say that both these characters are different versions of themselves in an interview with deadline Mio claims that he was creating a relationship between two predators. Saying he was very inspired by videos from National Geographic where you see a crocodile trying to handle a jaguar or vice versa. Sometimes the crocodile wins, sometimes it’s the jaguar.

Most of the time they ended up injured because it’s a very bloody fight, Alberto uses this as inspiration to better convey his experience of pursuing things that he can’t have like how the siren only pursued Hebrew romantically because she was unable to get him at the beginning. This story is also representative of how meal go would chase a partner who treats him poorly and is just not good for his overall health pursuing these things almost as if he has no care for his own well-being.


I think that this quote from Albert. So it really sums up this episode of trying to say we use and we choose people for a completely wrong reason and they choose us for a completely wrong reason as well and we end up all suffering. We all go claim that he wanted to push the visual effects if it means better serving the message of the stories.

So after primarily focusing on industrial or urban landscapes like the witnesses Hong Kong spider-man event. Into the spider versus New York City or various other city landscapes in the windshield wiper or the futuristic urban landscapes of Toronto, Mio go wanted to push himself in his team to design entirely new environments that they never really focused on on like good old nature.

So after making this decision to do something a little bit more rural, Miyo go went out into the forest to live there for two weeks even though the story is following the perspective of a deaf character, Mio goes claims that this episode is primarily about listening specifically listening for the red flags. The red flags are something that we.

As an audience can hear in Hebrew being deaf lacks the privilege, so in that sense, he borrowed a symbol of me. I’ll go being oblivious to the red flags in his own relationships. The red flags are represented through the jangling sounds of the jewelry hanging off the horses and the sounds of the jewelry on the body of the golden woman as these noises disrupt the natural sounds of the environment he borrowed successfully taking most of the jewelry off the body of the siren. Storing it in a blanket belonging to one of the.

As I mentioned not that long ago. The jewelry on the horse blanket helps signify the greed of the knights, so it’s fitting that he packs all of her gold jewelry and then he shoves her into the river, causing her to return to the pond from the beginning of the episode. You remember that one the water appears to restore the golden woman back to life.

Allowing her to go all shining on the river, he brought unknowingly drinks from the blood-infested water, which gives them the ability to hear these healing abilities were hinted out earlier in the episode when the golden woman starts making out with Hebrew with a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth, even though Hebrew was cut.

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His lips were almost healed instantly and they were standing in that same river that gave him his hearing back anyway, if you haven’t already heard by now he broke in here allowing the sirens of lure him in like the other men and essentially what is she end up doing again, oh, yeah, kill him. But on the plus side, he temporarily gets to listen to those sweet, sweet nature soundscapes in both the witness and Hebrew.

One of the things that I’m always amazed by is how the animation is just. So realistic. They did use models throughout the episode. But it was mainly done using keyframe animation and when they were using models to record the choreography meal, go use dancers instead of martial art actors or quote-unquote stone actors, this definitely created an interesting aesthetic for sure when you combine the art of ballet with these brute soldiers and their heavy like night armor in Hebrew.

There’s this reversal of empathy that we have for the characters at one moment we care for the guy and at another moment we care for the gal, but then we eventually realized that neither of them is heroes. Yeah, Hebrew wants to take all the jewelry from the golden woman, but it’s implied that the golden woman is made up of all the gold and jewelry of all the men she lowered to the bottom of the lake and then you know killed.

So in terms of ethics, they’re both not really model citizens. Oh, also he borrows has an end-shaped tattoo on the back of his neck when I was watching the episode. I’m like, wait. Does that stand for me as the director?




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