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Luke Bell, country singer known for hits ‘Where Ya Been?’ found dead at 32

Luke Bell, country singer known for hits ‘Where Ya Been?’ found dead at 32

The country music industry is mourning the loss of singer-songwriter Luke bell. The musician was found dead more than a week after he was reported missing in Tucson, Arizona, according to saving country music he was 32

his friend Matt Kinman confirmed the sad news to the outlet on Monday. Tucson Police told the New York Post that Luke went missing on August 20th and that the cause of death is currently unknown. According to saving country music, the upcoming musician was allegedly quoted. Hiding a severe battle with bipolar disorder. Which caused some friends to quote distance themselves from him.

Although the outlet reported that his mental health had improved over the last year and a half, it took a turn for the worse when he was in Tucson. Luke, who is originally from Wyoming, got praise for his debut album don’t mind if I do, which was released in 2014. According to the boot, he signed a recording deal with 30 tigers in 2016 and released a self-titled album that year.

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The musician went on to collaborate with Margo price and Alabama shakes he also performed at stagecoach in 2016. That year, Luke opened up to the boot about life on the road and quote that life’s not that bad. The downside in some ways is I don’t have a wife and kids, but at the same time it’s pretty ideal right now I just travel around to other cities and hang out with other people.

The goal is to have high hopes and low expectations and have a good time. In 2018 he talked to diddy TV about when he decided to pursue music as a profession. Well, I  didn’t really figure on doing that till I turned 20. Cause ah Din Well, 1st of all, I hadn’t been around the east where they played music from kids and they have all these festivals.

Especially around the east based on you know, people learn in music and playing a lot of music and sharing music and it’s a family oriented. Where I was from most of the music I saw was at the bar and I figured I need to be old enough to get in the bar to play the music I left. To play music at 21 and took off and. Haven’t stayed home since.

Luke Bell
Luke Bell


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