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Moscow strikes the Ukrainian city of Dnipro || Russia- ukrain war

Moscow strikes the Ukrainian city of Dnipro || Russia- Ukraine war

The Russia-Ukraine war is set to complete its fifth month and is showing no signs of stopping giving more fuel to the fire Moscow on Friday struck the Ukrainian city of Geneva and destroyed several military targets

the Russian Defense Ministry says that Moscow has destroyed four Ukraine and command posts in the country’s east northeast. The defense ministry chief says that scores of foreign fighters have been killed by the death toll of an earlier Russian Missile strike on the Ukrainian city of the villa. As a reason for 24, Russia says the strikes were targeting a meeting of Ukrainian military officials and foreign arms suppliers.

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He has denied the claims and said that three children had died in a bit of father in full trade and conquer a Ukrainian Nuclear agency says. Is now using the Zeppo region nuclear power plant, Europe’s largest nuclear power plant to straw weapons and Missile systems. Plants this comes as Kremlin plans to share the surrounding areas of Ukraine. The nuclear plant has been under Russian control since the early weeks of Moscow’s invasion. But it is still being operated by Ukrainians. Russia has now announced its next target in Ukraine. See. Our local media says that Russians have almost obtained control of the eastern city of Sivas.

In the domestic region, Moscow backed so that they going to completely take over the city after wrestling. With the sister cities of Lisi, chang’s, and several Daniels, meanwhile. The recent batch of western defense systems received by Ukraine is being seen as a game changer when it comes to targeting Russian command posts the past week, there have been multiple explosions in Russia-occupied areas like Daniel.

Zappos has sworn regions and data shows that the targeting has been highly effective for months. The Ukrainian military pleaded for long-range precision artillery now that they have them, the system has been deployed or can be deployed across the south and east of the country. Now the sixth month of the war approaches Ukrainian President Logan Zelensky’s spirit remains high in his usual national address. He called on his people to adhere to air raid signals and not succumb to Russia’s.

Occupants, the occupiers realized that we are becoming stronger gradually and the objective of their terror is very simple to put pressure on us. Put pressure on our society, intimidate people cause maximum damage to Ukrainian cities while Russian terrorists are still able to do it. I am urging you once again, please don’t ignore the air aid signals.




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