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Mysterious rocket crash on moon

Mysterious rocket crash on moon

A rocket crash on the moon has left scientists baffled it was first reported in the month of March. 3 months on no one has any idea what this rocket was, where it came from. No country is willing to take responsibility and adding to the conundrum is the fact that this crash created not one, but two craters on the moon. And this is something unusual, say scientists.

A series of claims and counter-claims are being made, but all of them fail to explain this mystery as a. Humans last visited the moon in 1972 and haven’t returned ever since it’s been half century.

This rocky visitor to our night sky remains a fairly unfamiliar place with many unresolved mysteries. The latest 1 has left scientists baffled it. A group of researchers from Arizona say that a mystery rocket crashed on the moon in the month of March. No one knows where it came from or what it looked like, whether it was meant for the moon or spiral out of trajectory.

But a rocket crashed for sure it struck the fair side of the moon at 7:25 A M eastern time on March. The crash site was the head sprang crater, a 350 mile wide basin that’s out of sight of anyone or. And he has the most intriguing bit the impact of the crash created not one but two creators.

This is unusual by scientific standards. No other rocket crash on the moon has created double craters. Nautical history. Scientists say this may be because the rocket had large masses at each end, but this too is unusual typically a rocket has mass concentrated at the motor end the rest of the body consists of an empty fuel tank. So the mystery persists. No one on earth is owning up and the speculation is falling flat.

At first, scientists say the rockets was the second stage of a space x falcon line launched in 2015, but its trajectory was found incompatible and the theory was junked. After more digging. Scientists say it was a long March 3 c rocket launched from China way back in October 2014.

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Beijing has denied this it said that rocket had reentered the atmosphere and burned up. So all we have are false positives. What will it take to solve this mystery time, the researchers who made this discovery say they need more time to feel the gops. To find out if the rocket was launched by humans or by an extra terrestrial species.




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