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NATO’S Big challenge- Ahead Finland and Sweden want to join NATO

NATO’S Big challenge- Ahead Finland and Sweden want to join NATO

nature leaders are gathered in Madrid back in 1997 as well nato leaders had a summit in Madrid the 1997 summit kicked off nature’s wave of expansions three new members had joined the alliance that’s hungry Poland and the Czech Republic.

So the question is what are the challenges the alliances battled in the years of Madrid. First is nato’s new wave of expansion the Russian war has rattled Finland and Sweden. They had ditched their neutrality, then I want to join the nato. There was some opposition to the move by 38, but now it looks like the two will soon become members. So let me pull out a map of Europe.

The country is marked in yellow. Are the ones that joined nato before 1997. This includes the likes of Norway, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and others, but now take a look at the countries marked in orange. These are the countries that join the military lines after 1907. It includes several central and east European states that were once a part of the Soviet Union or under its fair of influence, four of them which are Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

EU officials scramble to douse Kaliningrad tensions

Have borders with Russia and now Finland and Sweden are applying to join these military lines. Basically, the Baltic Sea is now nature’s very young lake. This brings us to challenge number 2. Nature may be expanding, but it also faces a balancing act the lines agree. In one fact, it does not want to go toward Russia. So the biggest issue is how does it still help Ukraine without getting drawn into the fight itself? The start of that will be by revamping its strategic concept.

The concept outlines nato main security tasks and challenges, but it has not been revised since the year 2010 the Madrid summit will also lay out a plan on how much need to can help Ukraine without crossing a red line, but why there are unity cracks and also emerging in the lines this brings us to the third.

Nature is a huge alliance and obviously, there isn’t consensus always most of these could surface in Madrid. Recently, Germany has been accused of dealing with promised weapon deliveries. Hungary does not want to stop buying Russian oil. Meanwhile, the Baltic states are pushing for a tough line and motorcycles at the bodies that are challenged. Number 4, the Baltics could become a major flash point between nato and Russia.

The Baltic states know that too well Estonia’s prime minister has an Islam Veto for being not prepared for the cross-border invasion Estonia, Latvia and Italia will once be a part of the Soviet Union today they are a part of nato. Currently, nato multinational battle groups are located in these three nations.

But in case of war, multinational battle groups can do very little. The Baltic leaders know that too well as well. Now they’re demanding for a chunk of natural forces to be positioned there, which brings us to challenge number 5. Which are more troops means more money.

Nato needs to revamp its defense spending currently, native nations are required to spend 2 percent of the annual GDP on defense, but that hardly happens. The United States spends 3.5 percent, while Germany only spends 1.3 percent of the average of European members and Canada is also at 1.77 percent CDP’s overall budget comes to around 3 billion dollars. Us ones used to pay over 22 percent of these running costs.

Trump even wanted to withdraw from the lines because other states were not pulling the weight. Now the United States space around 16 percent other member states have increased their spending too, but even then need to ramp up their spending if it needs to deploy more truths.




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