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Novak Djokovic wins his 21st Major title at Wimbledon

Novak Djokovic wins his 21st Major title at Wimbledon

That’s a wrap on Wimbledon 2022. We are recapping the men’s final and looking back at some of the best moments from the last two weeks, the break starts now.

Novak joke of it has won his 7th of liberty trophy and twenty-first career major, passing Roger national to move into second all-time and total majors one the world number 3 defeated nick carriers in four sets to extend his grassroots court win strike to 28 now no back has been facing that twenty-first major since we’ve been last year he felt meditative in the US Open final was.

Denied entry to Australia due to vaccination requirements, outbattled by an adult in Paris. But found his best game at the all-England club nick carriers was playing in his first major final. The office should flair to upset 14-step notes in the third round, the win propelled him into the second week and eventually into the champions.

Now, following the match, Novak addressed the budding romance between himself and nick the two exchanged some lighthearted words before the final, even with the wind and no backdrops to number 7 in the world Wimbledon isn’t awarding ranking points this year in light of the ban on Russian and Bella Russian players we may not see any back at another major until Roland Garros 2023 covid restrictions will keep.

Him out of the United States and he’s banned from Australia after being deported earlier this year. Well, congratulations to both men on a stellar term, man. I have to admit watching the last few matches at Wimbledon made me a little nostalgic for all that transpired this year. So let’s recap. Serena returned, played her longest rival in a game ever, and bowed out we got Williams and Murray the sequel.

We saw drama on the court. And in the press room. Yeah, it’s constant bullying. That’s what he does. He bullies his opponents. He was probably a bully at school himself whereas the punch way movement appeared at Wimbledon. The officer panto dress, Wimbledon. David Beckham, Anna winter. Roger federal. Kate Middleton, Andrew Garfield, and of course. Mary barry all made appearances. It’s a lot of mindset things for me.

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The world was introduced to Tim Ben recovering. And a legendary fan had 700 drinks during the men’s final. A hundred drinks were brought. What a tournament now onto the hard court




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