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President Biden Ready To meet G7 Leaders- G7 Meetings 2022

Biden Ready To meet G7 Leaders- G7 Meetings 2022

President Biden facing a changing world. He is focused on continuing support for Ukraine and dealing with rapidly increasing prices.

the president said to arrive here later tonight and begin his meetings with these g 7 leaders tomorrow and they have a lot on their agenda. They met in person back in March right after Russia started its invasion of Ukraine.

But now all of these world leaders really feeling the effects of that war back in their home countries beyond the humanitarian crisis. Gas prices and inflation are all so high across the globe. We are expecting some announcements about new efforts to tackle food prices.

Trying to stabilize oil markets after the press after the summit here, the president will travel to Madrid for nato meetings to a big picture even though the president has really worked to unify these coalitions, he comes to these meetings in a much weaker political position. It’s hard to see how this foreign trip will not be completely overshadowed by the news and the turmoil back home

yesterday, the president himself said that the Supreme Court decision on abortion quote made the United States an outlier among developed nations in the world and it is not wrong. In the last few decades, we’ve seen an expansion of reproductive rights around the globe, and overnight, we heard almost universal condemnation of that Supreme Court decision from these leaders that he’s set to meet with Boris Johnson, the prime minister in the UK called it a giant step backward Justin Trudeau.

The prime minister in Canada called the Supreme Court decision



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