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R. Kelly Is Sentenced To 30 Year In Prison

R. Kelly Is Sentenced To 30 Year In Prison

R. Kelly sentenced to 30 years behind bars after his conviction on racketeering and sex trafficking charges. Prosecutors accused him of leading a criminal enterprise of managers, bodyguards, and other employees to recruit and abuse women, underage girls, and teenage

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boys accusations swirled around him for decades and authorities believe for years his actions were protected by his fame than 2019 in the TV doctor series surviving r Kelly. A number of alleged victims came forward to publicly accuse him of abuse arrest followed on charges in Illinois and in federal court Kelly was held without bail for nearly three years now at today’s sentencing, several accusers confronted the former superstar,

the judge calling his abuse calculated and carefully planned for 25 years ABC Stephanie pro moss leading us off tonight. After decades of sexual misconduct allegations tonight. A federal judge in Brooklyn sentenced singer and convicted sexual predator Kelly to 30 years in prison.

This is a significant outcome for all victims of our Kelly and especially for the survivors who so bravely testify about the horrific and sadistic abuse, they endured the one-time music superstar faced life behind bars after a jury found him guilty in federal court on one count of racketeering and 8 counts of sex trafficking the trial lasting nearly six weeks with close to 50 witnesses testifying against Kelly more than half of them alleging abuse several representatives.

By Gloria already. You’ve called Kelly the worst perpetrator that you’ve pursued. Why. He recruited. Fans of his. Targeted them. Intimidated them and doctor nated them threatened them sexually assaulted them federal authorities looking into the years of accusations after the explosive lifetime docuseries surviving are Kelly.

In which dozens of accusers alleged the sinker had abused them. Kelly did not testify at his trial tonight one of Kelly’s accusers was relieved I never thought that I would be here too. Can be held accountable for the atrocious things that you did to children. And the legal fight for our colleague is over. His lawyers say he didn’t speak during the hearing today because he still has a Pending case in Illinois.

His lawyers also say they plan to appeal his verdict today right here in Brooklyn. David Stephanie pro moss. Leading us off here this Wednesday.




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