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r kelly net worth And life style 2022

about r kelly 

r kelly’s net worth And life style r Kelly is an American singer-songwriter and record producer and is one of the most successful R And B artists the king of R And B is known for producing hit songs spanning over three decades, he sold over 45 million records worldwide, making him one of the world’s best-selling music artists in the world his song I believe I can fly helped him win three grammy awards he also won best.

Male R And B vocal performance best rhythm and blues song and best song written specifically for a motion picture or for television throughout his successful music career, he released 18 studio albums some of his songs include I believe I can fly step in the name of love ignition same girl when a woman’s fed up the world’s greatest I’m a flirt, slow wind. Among others, his runnings with the law have seen him spend some time behind bars and have negatively affected his career. As of 2022, he has an estimated net worth of negative 2 million dollars

r kelly Early Life, dob, mother and father

Robert Sylvester Kelly was born on January 8th, 1967 in Chicago, lying in hospital his mother, JoAnne Kelly was a school teacher and devout baptist the identity of his father, who was absent from his life is unknown Kelly, together with his other three half-siblings. Lived in ida B wells homes public housing project in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood

r kelly education

Kelly began singing in the church choir at age 8 he studied at Kenwood Academy in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood his music teacher Lena MC Lynn saw his musical talent and encouraged him to perform Stevie wonder’s song ribbon in the sky in the high school talent show he put on an amazing performance and went on to win the first prize.

his teacher encouraged him to leave high school and concentrate on music. He dropped out of high school

r kelly Career

r kelly began performing in the subway in 1989 he participated in the TV show big break along with mark McWilliams, Sean Brooks, and Vincent walker. They formed a group they named musically gifted men MGM the group went on to win the 100000 grand prizes MGM released their first single. Why you want to play me in 1990, however, the group was disbanded shortly after in 1992, together with a music group public announcement Kelly released his debut album born into the nineties.


the album had several hit songs and was certified platinum. Ang Kelly released his first solo album, 12 plays, in November 1993, his song bump and grind peaked at number one for 12 weeks on the Billboard Hot R And B singles chart. The success of this album saw him put in more studio time and in 1995 he released the self-titled album r Kelly this album was a hit in featured top songs such as you remind me of something download nobody has to know and I can’t sleep baby if I.

He began having millions of fans throughout the world. He went on to tour across America and the world in 1998 he released the album RR was one of the most successful albums it was positively received and earned several awards and nominations the album the best of both worlds was released in 2002 it debuted at number two on the billboard 200 and sold 285000 copies in its opening week in two thousand and 3.

he released the chocolate factory and a debut number one on the US Billboard 200 chart the album sold over 3 million copies and was a huge success. Tp 3 reloaded was released in 2005 and became the number one hit on the billboard 200 album chart, the album features songs like in the kitchen and reggae. Bump, bump, happy summertime, and slow wind in 2007, he released another hit album, double up which featured prominent artists like Swiss beats, and snoop dog. Nelly Chamillionaire, T I T pain, usher. Huey is ludicrous and kid rock. Other successful albums he released include a love letter, black panties, and 12 nights of Christmas.

 r Kelly Personal Life

Personal Life r Kelly married Andrea, his former backup dancer, in 1996 the couple was blessed with three children his daughters Joanne born in 1998, Jia born in two thousand, and his son Robert junior who divorced in 2009 after almost 13 years of marriage.

r kelly’s net worth

r kelly’s net worth Had arguably never experienced any legal problems. His net worth would have easily topped 50 to 100 million dollars, however, as of 2022 he has a miserable net worth of negative 2 million dollars. He lost a large portion of his net worth after divorcing Andrea Lee.

He also paid millions of dollars to underage girls he accused of abusing. He also owed 5 million dollars in unpaid taxes, dating back 7 years and in 2013 he lost his Chicago home to foreclosure since he had not paid the mortgage since 2010. Legal issues When our Kelly was arrested in February 2019 on a series of new charges.

His bail was set at 1 million dollars, but could not be satisfied with a 100000 dollar payment. However, Kelley was so cash-poor that it took several days for him to come up with the money. A woman named Valencia love came to his aid. He’s currently in prison

r kelly net worth And life style
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