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RNC will stop paying Donald Trump’s legal bills if he announces 2024 bid

RNC will stop paying Trump’s legal bills if he announces a 2024 bid

Republican leaders are threatening to stop paying the former president’s Donald Trump legal bills if he announces a 2024 run for president chief Washington correspondent John Carl has historian John, we’re talking about millions of dollars. George, this is an entirely unprecedented arrangement.

The Republican National Committee is paying and has been paying Donald Trump’s personal legal bills. Some of these related to his businesses in New York 2.7 million dollars more than that just since October most recent payment, we have more than 50000 dollars last month. So now they’re making this threat and republicans really don’t want Donald Trump announcing that he’s running for president as they had in the midterms where they think they’re going to do well.

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Yeah, this is really something a threat on C quietly said we found out about it that they will stop paying his legal bills when he or if he announces he’s running for president. The big backdrop here is they don’t want him to run. Announce he’s running before the midterms.

They want to run midterm Based on Joe Biden and the economy If Donald Trump announces he’s running this fall it messes with that strategy. So they’re saying you do that. We’ll stop paying your bills, John.



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