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Shooter targeted former Japan PM Shinzo Abe over cult link

Shooter targeted former Japan PM Shinzo Abe over cult link

Japan’s former prime minister Shinzo Abe assassination rattled Japan the incident was particularly shocking because political murders are rare in the country. And now the suspect yamagami that sua statement about our base connected to religious guilt has sparked a debate.

The suspect may have been motivated to kill Abe due to his resentment toward a cult known as moonies. Yamagami told investigators that the former prime minister was tied to the religious group. So why did the amagami resent monies?

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The answer lies in his mother’s financial problems. Yamagami believed his mother’s monetary issues were triggered by the religious cult. Interestingly, a Tokyo-based representative of the unification church confirmed that the suspect’s mother was in fact a member of the group. Yamaha also confirmed that confirmed this and said that his mother lost all her money after making donations to the group. And to make matters worse, his family fell apart due to his mother’s obsession with the group.

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However. Two holes in. Kyoki. Korea. He caught it on. Choke. I know Johnson. So how did this group come into existence? The unification church is a religious movement that was founded in by a Korean religious leader, mung moon the group’s followers are called locally called monies. Former members of the group have described it as a cult as.

The church became infamous for holding mass weddings for its members the church has featured several high-profile politicians in the past the featured politicians are usually conservative leaders and wearing nationalities. So how was the group connected to Shinzo Abe, what made yamagami kill the former prime minister? The extent of our base connection with the group is still unclear, however, reports suggest that he had appeared at events related to the church as a paid speaker.

The latest appearance coming in the form of a video message on the 12th of September 2021. According to Japanese media reports, yamagami wanted to kill the leader of a religious group that investigators did not name, but decided to kill abbey instead, yamagami said that he blamed Shinzo Abe for promoting the unnamed religious group Abe’s grandfather was also connected to the group.

Reports also suggest that the monies set up their first Japan headquarters on land that once was owned by Japan PM Shinzo Abe grandfather. Since the abbey seems to have an attitude, these ties as well, he has drawn criticism for sending messages and speaking at the group’s events.



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