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Stranger things season 4 volume 2 ending explained

Stranger things season 4 volume 2 ending explained

Here is stranger things season 4 volume 2 ending explained just to let you know this video will contain spoilers season 4 volume 2 picks up directly after what we witnessed in season 4 volume 1 Nancy was being shown everything that we saw in the closing moments of volume 2 with the gate ripping through the entirety of Hawkins and the upside down in reality merging as one Steve was trying to get her out of the state that she was in 11.

Was being shocked back into reality following the revelation of number one being Henry and vector Mike and will were on the hunt for project Nina now that they had its location and hopper and Joyce were in Russia with Murray as they were now trying to escape the Russian prison that had a demographic on the loose.

I’m going to break this video down into each of the individual arts that need explaining it. 11 and brenners farewell we witnessed Mike will, Jonathan and our girl spend the entirety of episode 8 trying to locate 11 at Nina and once that was going on, the 11 was inside Nina waking up from her discovery of vector. We saw that she had her powers back in full force as she lifted Nina Robb with barely any effort which weighed several tons, highlighting that her powers were back in full force.

It was here where we saw a twist in brenner’s tale. We were under the impression that Bruno was now caring for 11 and wanted the best for her rather than keeping her in the facility like a prisoner like he did in the past. However, this was not the case we saw Brenna double crosser in and ain’t to keep 11 locked up until she was strong enough.

Which he didn’t believe she was. It was here where we saw the manipulative side of Bruno once again come out and try to twist it on 11 to blame her for Henry despite the fact that it was his fault.

We got the revelation that Brenna had always wanted 11 to be searching for the darkness so that he could one day relocate Henry as he always believed that he was out there and not dead, which showed us that he was always using 11 for his personal gain rather than going after the soviets.

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Like he had said to her all along when 11 tried to escape, he injected her and put some kind of shock collar around her neck as she passed out. We then saw things go up again. We witnessed justice agents come in and storm the facility just as Bruno managed to escape, but it was here where we saw brunette get shot down by the agents and lay there on the floor once we witnessed 11 bring down the helicopter.

Cementing the fact that her powers would definitely be back and stronger than ever as she then reunited with William Mike Brunner did one final act of kindness by releasing the shot colour from around her neck and telling her that everything he ever did, he did it for her once, stating that she. It was clear to see 11 didn’t agree with what he was saying or believe it. And whilst she may have been his family, he certainly wasn’t hers.

She looked over at Mike and will, which confirmed that they were her family and that they are what matter to her. This was all done before Brenna took his last breath as he then watched them drive off with 11. Not stating to him that she understood why he did it all. I personally believe that he did think that she was strong enough.

He just didn’t want to let her go because he genuinely did care for her like a daughter. What he did was wrong, but I do sense the elements of care that was there from him to her opera and Joyce Hopper and Joyce spent the entirety of their time in Russia in this volume, we saw them break out of the prison after stumbling across the particles from the upside down that were being contained and also a wide group of democrats and demo dogs that were being held in the lab too their main intention was to defeat the creatures.

In Russia, after the particles were spread into them life. And due to the fact that it acts as a hive. It would naturally weaken the battle that was taking place in the states. We saw this unfold and it went relatively smoothly. We got an epic final battle between hopper and the democracy. Which felt rather fitting and like a full circle moment.

We saw Joyce and hopper also spark their romantic side back up and then eventually go back to the US where they reunited with 11 and the group preparation for the battle with vector throughout the volume we saw the group device a plan on how best to go back inside the upside down and defeat vector based on what Nancy was shown by vector.

She knew the dangers and horrors that were to come if they didn’t defeat him. They decided to go back inside of the upside down after realizing that victor had a preference for the number 4 with the clock joining four times they’re being for victims and also for gateways that were open, the group created a full phase plan which saw them split between the two worlds we saw Nancy Stephen Robin entered the upside down.

With the intention of taking out vectors physical presence, which didn’t initially go well due to the vines latching on to them, we had Eddie and Dustin distracting the demo bats that regarding the creal house. This was with Eddie playing the guitar on top of the roof of his trailer. Which we saw happen and it was here where we then saw one of the saddest moments of the entire volume.

Eddie sacrificed himself and didn’t run away. Leading dust into safety and taking on the entire swarm of the demo bats. This was done in order to keep the plan moving forward and progressing what’s buying everybody time, he never viewed himself as a hero, but on this occasion he decided to step up and died for the town and the group he genuinely cared for chrissy and felt bad about what happened and that’s what made it even sadder.


The fact that he was getting blamed for it, Eddie was a great character that in a small amount of time made a large impact and had a perfectly rounded off story. We had Lucas, Erica, and max at the. When max planned on essentially lowering vector into her mind so that it would allow the group to strike vector inside of the upside down when he was vulnerable and connected to the vines of the upside down, they assumed this based on the fact that it would be similar to 11, for example.

When 11 transports into people’s minds, she’s left in a vulnerable state and not connected to reality and finally due to 11 entering the void, which essentially allows her to locate people when there’s a sound for her to focus all of her energy on like we saw in this episode, she was able to locate max with the intention of jumping inside of her mind to face off with beckoning again for the second time.

This approach was taken due. To the fact that they wouldn’t make it in time to Hawkins the battle with vector, the battle with vector occurred in the final half of the final episode we saw 11 intermax his mind where she arrived at a memory from when she was younger, however, there were DJ decks there from the snowball that occurred in season two of the. The sun that was played during the snowball in season 2 was also the one that was being played in this scene as well.


However, despite feeling safe, we saw that victor had located max and was aware of the four phase plan that was under way just as vector was getting ready to claim Max, we saw 11 arrive and lockers with Becca for the first time since they fought inside of the Hawkins facility massacre vector uttering the word you was the perfect thing to say after they reunited after several years and you could sense the anger and want to seek revenge. On her that he had we saw 11 looked like she was going to defeat him in the moment.

But victor was able to overpower her and instead wanted to show her the real house and how he came to be, we saw that once they can arrive in the upside down after 11 banished him there, he wrote the world that he deemed unspoiled by humankind where he then stumbled across this darkness where he was able to utilize it and transcend his human form and become the very predator that he always wanted to be he.

Moved this darkness into the. Form of the shadow monster and it was revealed to us that he is in fact the flair and had been behind everything. It is him in his non human form, far more powerful and in control of everything that is there 11 created vector by banishing him to the upside down and is thus responsible for the main flair being born as well. 11 opened the door way back at the start of the show and it enabled vector to start unleashing havoc onto the world.


Victor believes that he’s now going to remake the world into something far more beautiful than what it currently is and with the gateways being open and present, he’s able to do so love music and happy memories was always something that we can vector and we saw that Mike speaking to a level and then telling her that he loved her was enough to strengthen 11 and then go on to the feedback in the inside of. Max’s mind, where he stated that it was the beginning of the end and that 11 of the group had not won despite thinking that they had this was due to the fact that even if they destroyed vectors physical form.

He would still exist in the superior form that he created in the shadow monster and would be able to recover now that all of the gates had been opened, as was described earlier, if there were enough cracks in the dam. Then it will give way and that’s exactly what we saw when the earth split at the end of the volume and the two worlds merged into one Nancy Stephen Robin defeated vector in the upside down, burning him.

I was just like the democrats fire was his weakness. We saw him blast out of the window and lay there defeated however, when the group looked back, we saw that victor was no longer there to be seen. I don’t believe that he just got up and walked away from it. I just think that he transcended the human form and is now far greater than that tying into what he stated to a level that she had freed him.

He was now beyond humankind and something he’d always wanted to be. We saw max get claimed and there was a haunting moment where she was unable to see or feel anything but she was completely present. It sounds like a living nightmare and was Patrick frying. And something you can only imagine we heard that max died for one whole minute.

Which was enough time for the final gateway to open and thus allow the two worlds to merchants at 1 eleven managed to bring max back to life. Alluding to an extra power that she may have, however, Maxwell lies in a coma in a state where her mind was completely empty as we witnessed 11 go inside to locate her. It was intense, emotional, uplifting, inspiring, dark, provided clarity and was everything you wanted in a final showdown, the aftermath.

The aftermath of the battle despite seeming like it was done. Was exactly like what victor stated it was now the beginning of the end when Matt died for that one minute. That was enough time for the fourth and final gateway to open and for a crack to form throughout the entirety of Hawkins. Which led directly to the upside down. We saw the very shots that we saw at the start of the volume of veterinarian Nancy, the terror that would be unleashed.

And the crack opening, once this was done, we cut to two days later when we saw it being referred to as an earthquake that hit Hawkins and that Eddie was being blamed for Christie’s murder and was presumed dead. We saw the town in ruin with 22 lives having been claimed because of it and many people were leaving the town based on the shots that we had of everybody driving out.

Everybody was now back in Hawkins for the first time in over a season and we saw them arrive at the hospital where we saw them visiting max, who was in a coma and was told me never wake up. We witnessed 11 enter her mind where there was simply nothing there, which isn’t a promising sign for the future of the character. Many of the main cast went to hoppers lodge, where 11 formally stayed where we saw Joyce and hopper arrive in the group all reunite from here.

We then saw the damning future of Hawkins. We saw that will hadn’t been in Hawkins for almost a year. He hadn’t felt that connection and hold that the flair had over him, but we saw him touch his neck like he used to. And now that he was back, he stated how he could sense back in his presence and that he was not defeated. Vector is not going to stop not until he’s taken.

Everybody is a line that will stated we saw that the first part of the final section of veterans plan where we saw the floating dust that was usually present inside of the upside down occurring in reality and as they walked off over the hill. The shot of a dying flower with darkness, red lightning bolts and ash clouds forming over a strict barrier of Hawkins was present and the gateway had now officially been opened.

This means that retina will be able to unleash full havoc onto Hawkins his plan to create something more beautiful than what humankind has built is dangerous and with the gateway having been opened and no longer being needed. It’s now part of the physical world. It’s a dangerous time to live in Hawkins. The two worlds have collided and a war of the world’s darkness versus light and good versus evil is likely to unfold in the final season of stranger.

Things so there you have it stranger things season for volume to ending explained if you want to see much more stranger things content such as volume 1 ending explained theories and predictions or character breakdowns, then click on the eye button or alternatively, you can head over to my channel where you’ll find a wide array of contents on the show if you’d like to tweet me what show a movie you’d like me.



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