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Tesla Announces The NEW Cybertruck Giga Press || What Is Giga Press

Tesla Announces The NEW Cybertruck Giga Press

Tesla recently announced a new and improved giga press for their cyber truck production line and I believe it is a game changer for the automobile industry. So what is this new machine all about and why is this so important for Tesla, stick around as I discuss that in this video

What is Giga Press ?

what is giga press before we get into the new cyber truck, giga press. Let’s look at what a giga press actually is. If you’re unfamiliar with the Tesla manufacturing process, all its cars. Batteries, and other ancillary products are manufactured in giant factories known as giga factories Tesla currently operates 5 giga factories, giga factory 1, 2 and 5 are located in the US, while 3 is located in China and four in Germany.

giga factories allow Tesla to control the entire production process of their vehicles from the raw materials to the finished product this vertical integration helps to keep costs down and improve quality control if you ever get a chance to roam the. Floors of a giga factory. You can really see why Elon keeps repeating that for Tesla.

The factory is the actual product. Anyways, these giga factories are also some of the world’s largest car assembly lines and pack some of the most. Automobile production technology the world has ever seen one such technology is the giga press.

A behemoth of a machine that die cast aluminium to create the main chassis elements of a Tesla car each Tesla production line has several of these machines which are integral to the overall manufacturing of Tesla vehicles in simple terms, a gigabyte press is a massive machine used to samp out entire sections of cars in one goat if you would ever played with toy cars or lego bricks you would have held a die cast of material without.

Realizing it most toys are made using a method known as injection molding and die casting this is where hot molten plastic is injected into molds or dies and once called out pops the solid shape of the toy. It is a very effective way of mass manufacturing plastic goods. In effect, this is the same principle applied in a giga press, however, on a much larger scale, and it is multiple aluminum alloy instead of plastic these kinds of metal presses have been in the automobile sector for years.

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Still, they were generally used to make smaller parts of the car, which were then assembled together to form the entire structure not satisfied with this Elon and Tesla. Engineers took it to a whole mother level with their gig oppresses for the first time ever, they created a machine that allowed an automobile manufacturer to cast an entire vehicle segment in one go speeding up the manufacturing process by orders of magnitude.

These new giga presses are 20 metres long, 7.5 meters tall and 6 metres wide. They’re so big that they require over 20 flatbed trucks to transport just one. These machines weigh more than 400 tons and can apply a clamping force of over 61000 kilos equivalent to over 6100 tons of pressure per square foot molten aluminum alloy weighing approximately 80 kilograms or 180 pounds is injected into the super chilled casting mold at 10 metres per second or 22 miles per hour the press is then closed and it takes the machine around 80 to 90 seconds.

To complete the casting once the casting is complete, the segment is removed and the open mold is cooled to a temperature of 185 degrees celsius or 365 degrees Fahrenheit, a fresh batch of molten aluminum alloy is prepared for the next cycle. Begin 1 to 2 minutes after the first cycle, this insane process continues over and over again, allowing the giga press to reach an output rate of 40 to 45 completed castings per hour, which translates to more than 1000 castings per day and what’s more.

The entire process is automated and not a single human is required to operate a gigabyte specially designed robots lubricate the mold at the beginning of each cycle, then a separate one injects the molten alloy into the mold another robot reaches in and removes the casting after the process is complete and quenches it in a water tank while a different robot cleans the mold and prepares it for the next cycle the finish casting is.

Then handed over to another robot which puts it through a mechanical press that trims off the excess aluminum and browns the edges. The casting is then x ray for quality control and a final laser guided CNC robot drills in all the holes that will be used to assemble it with other sections to form the body of the car if this is not impressive enough for you, imagine a row of giga presses producing different castings of different parts of the car all at the same time.

Then handing them over to. A column of fully automated robots that assemble the various pieces together to build the car’s final shape and all this is done before a human hand even touches the vehicle. Now that is true automation to the invention of the giga press has been one of the most innovative technologies developed in the automotive sector since Henry Ford first invented the assembly light, it replaces the age old tradition of automobile manufacturers casting smaller components and bolting hundreds of them together to form the Shashi instead with the development of the giga press.

Tesla only has to deal with three major Shashi components the front and rear structures and the car bed that houses the battery pack. This makes production extremely efficient, safe and fast. The giga press is just one example of the company’s commitment to innovation and unique approach to manufacturing, but we all know by now that Elon will not be happy with just one creation.

So Tesla engineers have gone even beyond this time around when talking about how the first gig oppresses came about in an interview, Elon said when we were trying to figure this out, there were 6 major press manufacturers in the world. We called each one of the five. I’ve said no and one said maybe and we said, great. Let’s go with the maybe. So we went with the maybe and it worked out well.

This company was the edger group, an Italian company known for its die casting machines the company already had massive die casting machines in its catalogue that Elon was looking for something even bigger. So working together with Tesla engineers, they created the first customized giga presses for Tesla Fairmont factory called DCM 1 and two both these presses became operational in late 2020 and were responsible for model wise single piece rear casting the next evolution of the giga press saw the development of the O L 6100 CS models for tesla’s German gigafactory and the impress plus D CC6000 models for its Chinese gigafactory both these machines can stamp out.

Not just the rear segments, but also the front and the entire crash structure of the model y as a single piece then in early 2021. Elon announced that for the production of the cyber truck, Tesla would need an even bigger giga press with a clamping force of over 8000 tons and after months of teasing in.


May of 2022 we finally got confirmation of this new giga press when it retweeted a video showing the assembly of its new 9000 tongue, a press machine, this new cybertruck giga press is the biggest and most powerful stamping machine that has ever built. Although not a whole lot is known about this 9000 tongue oppressed, it is explicitly designed to stamp out the structures of the new Tesla cybertruck.

Which is due to come to market next year with the potential for production to start near the end of. But what I know from inside sources is that this new model of gigabytes will be able to stamp out the entire rear body, the truck bed and the crash structure as single sections making the cybertruck production line the fastest and the most efficient of any other vehicle in the Tesla lineup.


My sources also say that the new model will be capable of stamping out body parts for other Tesla models at an unprecedented rate, improving the cycle speed up to 10 times faster than the traditional 6000 tongue oppresses depending on the segment. Now that will be an enormous improvement with this new technology. Tesla will definitely plan to ramp up the. Production of their highly anticipated electric vehicles. Including the cyber truck model 3 and model y, this makes perfect sense to me given tesla’s future goals and the demand for their cars rising worldwide.


So maybe introducing this new giga press will not only help the production of the cyber truck and other Tesla models, but it will finally make the 25000 dollar Tesla model which Elon had promised us a reality with this new giga press Tesla can significantly reduce the cost of production by stamping out entire segments of cars at one go and also speed up the whole assembly process.

So there is no reason why that elusive common man’s cheap Tesla model can’t be a reality in the near future. But either way, I think this new giga press from Tesla is truly a game changer in the automotive industry. I mean, this machine is a gigantic leap forward. It is so beyond the capabilities of other existing presses in the market that it will give Tesla an enormous manufacturing edge over its competitors as if that was not enough. Even the next best press in the market is a Tesla giga press, so you can see that unless other legacy car manufacturers like Toyota.

Volkswagen can develop better manufacturing technologies or incorporate these giga presses into their own assembly lines, then they will be left behind and probably never be able to catch up with Tesla. That’s it from me. What do you think about tesla’s new gigantic gigabyte, do you think it will be a game changer for Tesla in the coming years, let me know in the comments section below.




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