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The boy’s season 4 theories will queen Maeve return

The boy’s season 4 theories will queen Maeve return

queen Maeve visits a character that’s been in the boys since the start and she’s had a turbulent relationship with vault homelander and many other members in the 7 with season three of the show, somewhat rounding off the character’s arc and alluding to the fact that she wasn’t going to be in the show anymore. I thought I’d give my theories and predictions and take a look to see if she’d be returning in the boy season 4, so let’s get into it.

Here is the boy season 4 theories will queen Maeve return just to let you know this post will contain spoilers at the end of season three of the boys we saw queen Maeve be prepared to sacrifice herself for the greater good of the group and live up to be the hero that she was and wanted to be and not be the person that starlight previously stated she was when she went against her and Huey inside with butcher. She jumped out of the window with the soldier boy as he was about to admit his blast, meaning that she got hit by mid-fall.

We saw in the surveillance footage that the boys went and rescued her after the explosion was let off and they took her to safety. This led the wider public to believe that she was killed and that she was no more she was recognized as a hero and went out with a legacy. However, we knew that she was still alive. We saw that due to the blast from soldier boys, she didn’t hold her powers any and it had stripped the compound v from her system, rendering her a powerless human. She was still only with one eye following the battle from homelander, as she had the IP atch covering it and she was starting to starlight how she was going to be leaving and getting as far away from homelander as possible.

The fact that she now doesn’t hold any powers and she isn’t a soup is an extreme danger to her. Homelander would now be able to quite comfortably destroy her in a matter of seconds we saw her leave with her partner as she said goodbye to starlight and that was the last we saw of her, the creators of the show had a strong opportunity to kill off the character in a dramatic and emotional way too. And make it impossible for her to ever return.

However, they chose not to do so. This leads me to think that there’s definitely something planned in the future for a potential return for queen maze, one of the writers on the show mentioned that they can’t imagine getting to the end of the boys’ TV show and queen Maeve not making another appearance the main reason for queen Maeve leaving the show at the end of this season 3 was for starlight to be able to grow and develop further as a character in the show and

to be able to step up to the mark without queen Maeve getting involved. QueenMaeve has almost been her mentor and somebody who’s helped her on her journey since joining the 7 the only real hero in the 7 with good intentions and we saw this farewell between the pair and almost a handing over of the mantle in the final encounter that queen maven ST elite had in the last episode of season 3.

This likely means that a return on season 4 could be off the cards and would contribute to the losing of the weight and meaning of the final conversation that was had in the closing moments, but it doesn’t mean that later on down the line, she couldn’t reappear. Unless it was right at the end of season 4, homelander is gradually getting more and more insane as the episodes and seasons go on and there will likely come a time where he needs to be stopped and there will need to be as many people on the site against homelander as possible.

This would probably be the best time to reintroduce me to the show. We know that she has an effect on homeland or in the form of being able to impact his mentality due to the feelings he somewhat still has for her and their history together and also when she’s a soup. She’s a match for homelander in terms of physical strength as we saw in the season 3 finale, she was able to hold her own in a one-on-one battle with him in close-one combat and also withstand his laser vision.

So she’s an individual, but the most likely needs assistance when that moment does arrive. So I imagine they’d recruit her and either ask her to take compound v or take a batch of v 24. I don’t think that it will be in season 4 of the show, but I think in the final season of the boys. They may get her back in the show to assist in a final battle where I imagine it will be homelander in Ryan versus everybody else.

I think it would be fitting if queen Maeve did make an appearance later on down the line. She’s contributed a lot to the show and despite not having heavy involvement in terms of screen time in season three of the show. Her actions are what ultimately brought soldier boy to the boys and would also ultimately save the boys from soldier boy at the end of it. So she is an extremely important character that I’d love to see make a reappearance. So there you have it theories and predictions as to if queen Maeve is going to return in the boy’s season 4



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