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The Mandalorian Season 3 Trailer Breakdown

The Mandalorian Season 3 Trailer Breakdown


first officially released a teaser trailer for the Mandalorian season 3 a lot of the footage was similar to what was shown at the Star Wars celebration. But it’s nice to be able to actually analyze it and break it down and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. It all starts with a voiceover from the armor, reiterating that din is now grog, his father and that they are a clan of two,

but she reminds us all that din removed his helmet and is no longer a Mandalorian at least until he atones by traveling to the living waters beneath the minds of Mandalore. I think you’re making up these rules as you go, lady. But whatever at this point in his life didn’t still seem to be taking all the rules to heart and there’s a lot of footage of him and grow good wandering around in caves with sprinkling water.

I assume those are the minds and he hopes to redeem himself in the eyes of the armorer as cool as it is to say this is the way I still think this series is going to largely be about den learning that there is no one. Way to be a Mandalorian season 3 looks like it’ll be about him regaining his honor and I’m hoping that he will realize he can be honorable in other ways he has been honorable in other ways.

The Mandalorian Season 3 Trailer Breakdown
The Mandalorian Season 3 Trailer Breakdown

He doesn’t need some cold leader telling him what’s right and what’s wrong. Star Wars teaches us that we can all know the difference between right and wrong ourselves. I so want to see in learned to trust his own conscience instead of his cult programming. Maybe he can do that by visiting other Mandalorians and there are a lot of them in this trailer.

Boca tan is the most prominent and we can see her in her hall palace. I don’t know where she’s living at the moment. I kind of wonder if she’s set up shop on Mandalore, which we do see in the trailer. We can see the ruined domed capital of Sundari. The sky looks cloudy and gross and wherever Boca tan is, it’s definitely rainy. The weather seems to match when dino claimed Mandalore was cursed back in season 2.

Boca Tann said not to believe everything he hears. I am so psyched to continue exploring her as a character. I love her in the clone wars. I love her in Star Wars Rebel. Katie sack off is a wonderful person and I remember being flawed by her initial live-action appearance.

I think they’re crushing it with boat tan so far, but I also think she can serve a very important narrative purpose for din because she is proof that there is more than one way to be a Mandalorian. But they aren’t shying away from the tension between the two characters. She chastises the children of the watch for seemingly abandoning Mandalore during the great purge and even though it doesn’t show up in the trailer, we’ve still got the issue of the dark saber floating around between them.

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Personally, I think we’re going to see in rising up to lead his people that makes the most narrative sense to me a lowly bounty hunter raised by a fringe cold who changes his ways breaks out of his programming and leads the once great people back to honor.

But I love what it all means for Boca tan because she thought that would be her role. She wanted to unite her people, but is she willing to put aside her own aspirations for the good of all Mandalorians, I don’t know, I hope so. But looking back at the clone wars, we know she has a shady past.

Some shot suggests she might travel to the minds of Mandalore with a din that could make some sense, especially if her home base actually is on Mandalore or nearby he might come to her for help. Maybe she will go along and can talk some sense into him on their journey. I am inquisitive to see if he goes through with this supposed atonement or if this will be the straw that breaks the E O P S back, but let’s move on, I want to talk about Navarro in season 1.

It was looking pretty rough, but we saw it in season 2. It was starting to get a little nicer and season 3 shows that it’s nicer still. I love the shots of the KA waki and monkey lizards in the tree when we first saw them in season 1, they were being caged and eaten. Now they’re seemingly free to thrive on their own grief. Cargo is looking great as well.

Everyone, there is crushing it. But we see some Nicholas Claude Whitney and sand transductions moving in, probably causing some trouble at any rate. Grief doesn’t look too happy about their presence. There is a great shot of some Mandalorians in a drop-ship. This was shown at the Star Wars celebration. But I don’t think the camera followed them out of the ship and down toward the ground that shot took my breath away and it looks like they’re attacking Navarro.

We can see past visas among them storming the main building and unfortunately it looks like the statue of I G 11 has been torn down. We can see one of the Mandalorians fighting in Nicole, so I would guess the travel makers try to take over the growing city, and then dim gathers a group of Mandalorians in the city back. This could be part of his path to becoming a leader.

He doesn’t like seeing his former home taken over by someone else and so he fights to take it back. It’s like a smaller version of eventually bringing Mandalorians home to Mandalore itself and he might do that after visiting the minds and seeing the planet firsthand. First, like he’s been told, man, I liked the armor as a character, but I really want to start to see through the lies. He’s been told his entire life.

There are a couple of shots of din and grew gu flying over a city, setting off fireworks. Part of me thinks that could mean a borrow after they fight to liberate it. But the city looks huge studying architecture. I think it’s more likely massively the doomed buildings look like they’d easily fit on tattooing and yes, we know for sure will be headed back to our favorite desert planet.

Pelly and our 5 d 4 are featured in a shot. I know it’s a silly and well-worn gagged, but watching her pat the droid’s head and having a panel fall off gave me a good laugh. I’m just glad he has a home if you haven’t checked out our five-story in the first from a certain point of view book.

Do yourself a favor and check it out. There are several dog-fighting sequences scattered throughout the trailer din and gu is in there one being pursued by a number of starfighters.

I don’t recognize they look like they’re fighting around some sort of asteroid space station or something. I don’t know what to make of this yet. There’s one fast shot of an Angeline like babu freak working on something. It looks like droid pieces. I think in the footage we saw at the Star Wars celebration.

There were actually several Anne Zealand’s working on it again. I don’t know what we’re looking at here, but I do love the little guys and the final shot I want to note is doctor Pershing and the imperial com’s officer from the Mandalorian season two played by Katie o’brien first, I’m glad to see her back. She was great and I was afraid she was killed in the attack on the mosquito cruiser.

The celebration footage made it appear that they were working with the new republican in some way. Maybe they’re cooperating for immunity or something. I don’t know. It’s worth noting that moff Gideon doesn’t appear at all. We know he’s a new republic in custody.

It’s possible pursuing the combs officer could secretly work to break him out, although I think it would be great to see GM Carlo episode playing a Hannibal lector type character, someone who can still do some manipulating and psychological damage even though he’s behind bars, that’s the end of the teaser.

Dan asks if he’s ready for an adventure and I will answer that I am. We get the logo and a release date of next year at the celebration, they said February 2023, but I’m going to go ahead and say that’s been changed. I hope not. But with the bad batch moving all the way to January 4th instead of September 28th, it’ll run into April. I won’t be all that surprised if they develop a series at some point,

but I feel like fabric would want the Mandalorian to get all the focus and to have zero quote competition, but I don’t know after or three-week delay, they’re probably just being a little more cautious with their announcements, but that’s all I’ve got to say for the first officially released teaser for the Mandalorian season 3.





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