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Tiktok U.S. user data leaked to China? Leaked TikTok employee audio causes a row

Tiktok U.S. user data leaked to China? Leaked TikTok employee audio causes a row

again the scanner over the US user’s data privacy issue in the latest report suggests that the data of American users was repeatedly accessed from China for years. Tiktok has maintained that data from users from America is stored only in America and any concerns of a threat to data privacy or unfounded, but now lead audio from 80 TikTok meetings suggests that non-public data was repeatedly accessed by employees in China where the video platform spared and company bike dance has housed the recordings contains statements from 9 different TikTok employees and indicate a data breach between September last year and January this year this despite.

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Tiktok sworn testimony in a Senate hearing in 2021 that only the USB security team decides who gets access. But the tapes now suggest that the social media company may have misled lawmakers and users by downplaying that data stored in the US could still be accessed by employees in China. Employees can be heard seeing phrases like everything is seen in China and also refer to Beijing-based engineers as the master admin who has access to everything.

The tapes also refer to project taxes. Which is a project that focuses on redirecting data flow so that protected data can no longer flow out of the United States and into China shortly before the reports on the tape surfaced, the company posted a blog announcing that it has changed the default storage location of US user data and that 100 percent of us user traffic is being rooted to oracle cloud infrastructure.

It was exactly such threats that had led former US President Donald Trump to threaten to ban the app entirely concerns that the Chinese government could use by downs to mass dossiers of personal information about US TikTok users have now persisted over the last few years. Remember a committee on foreign investment in the US began investigating the national security implications of TikTok’s collection of American data.

On damage control TikTok has now set a diffusion attempt by the Chinese government to open a disguised account on the platform. The social media company said that the Chinese government wanted to open the account for the purpose of spreading propaganda, the Chinese own social video app said that the attempt was refused because the account would have violated its guidelines while TikTok once again is in the eye of the storm over user data privacy.

It remains one of the most popular social media platforms in us, but will the company now be pulled up by the American government over the latest report



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