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Turkiye all set to attack Syrias borders

Turkiye all set to attack Syrias borders

As an car runs up, measures to launch a new military operation in northern Syria. Turkey president Edwin has now said that the military offensive could start any moment and that the government is waiting for the right time to launch the attack speaking to the bottles,

everyone said in that court we should not worry and rush about the operation and that it will start when the hour comes advanced comment came just days after turkey agreed to a lifting day.

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Breaking objections to Sweden and finland’s need to a session this after the three side signed the ten point memorandum on the sidelines of the nato summit this week, turkey has claimed that Sweden and Finland had promised to extradite Kurdish terrorist suspects to Ankara.

The country has accused them of being outlawed Kurdish rebels. The main purpose of the planned operation is to expand the 30 kilometre security zone that was created in October 2019 after the operation peace spring and according to reports.

Turkiye soldiers And Fighter are Ready To attack

50000 turkey soldiers and 5000 fighters of the free Syrian army will take part in the cross-border operation. If successful, the military operation will allow turkey to control the 600 kilometres section of the border.

This will also help Ankara to eliminate pro Kurdish forces from the region, which it considers an offshoot of the bank or the son workers party.



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