Ukraine Rapid advance of Ukrainian forces take Russia by surprise, draws back from Izium

Ukraine Rapid advance of Ukrainian forces take Russia by surprise, draws back from Izium


Moscow is abandoned one of its main bastions in northeastern Ukraine after the Ukrainian forces made rapid advances for more on this. Take a look at our next report. Yeah, this is Russia’s defence ministry said on Saturday that it was pulling troops out of its main stronghold in northeastern Ukraine a sudden collapse of one of the worst principal front lines after Ukrainian forces encircled the area in a surprise advance.

Video posted on social media showed Ukrainian troops driving past a tank bearing the Russian pro war zee symbol in the city of kupi ansk shortly after capturing the single railway hub that supplies Russia’s entire front line across northeastern

Ukraine that left thousands of Russian troops abruptly cut off from supplies across an area that has seen some of the most intense battles of the Zoom a separate social media video, showed Ukrainian military at the entrance of issue after Moscow abandoned the city

Russia’s defense ministry said it ordered troops to leave the area in order to reinforce operations in neighboring dunetz the swift fall of issue is Moscow’s worst defeat since its troops were forced back from the capital key in March it could prove to be a decisive turning point in the six month war with thousands. Of Russian soldiers apparently abandoning their ammunition stockpiles and equipment,

Ukrainian forces report recapturing dozens of towns and villages held by Russia for months since bursting through the front line just days ago, video just released by Ukraine’s ministry of defense showed troops raising the country’s blue and yellow flag and from where Russian forces recently fled.

But despite the counter offensive in the region, the war rages on Russian rocket fire hit car keeping Saturday evening. Bringing yet more death and destruction.