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Vergin River Season 5, Trailer, Release Date

Vergin River Season 5, Trailer, Release Date

Hello everyone Even though it’s been only a day since we watched Virgin River season four, we’re already hyped for season five, which is likely to be the best season of the show so far. Season four has one of the biggest cliffhangers of the series in its final, final episode, which means that season five will surprise us all and might even change everything about the series.

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But before diving into the details of both of these reasons, we need to remember what the Virgin River is about first. Virgin River is adapted from the book series by Robyn Carr. It tells the story of a town and its residents who are enjoying the cozy atmosphere of their small settlement while dealing with both the good and the bad in their lives.

The main protagonists of the series, however, are Melan Jack, two people in their late 30s or early 40s with mysterious pasts. Virgin River is a secluded area for both of them as they look for escaping their past traumas.

Mel’s past trauma is caused by a stillborn baby and a dead husband. Jack’s trauma comes from the bloody war experiences that haunt him to this day. Even though there are four seasons of the show out there, the show still continues to explore these themes, as in the original synopsis.

From this point on, let’s discuss what’s happened in season four. At the beginning of season four, we saw that Jack is ready to be a father to Mel’s baby, whether he is the biological father or not. However, his dreams were still occupied by his inner struggles regarding the issue, as he saw Mel’s ex-husband rising from death and taking her from him.

Still, he did his best to stay strong and be there for Mel at all costs. Unfortunately, his past followed him throughout the season. First, his father came to visit him. Their relationship was problematic already, which became worse once he learned that Jack impregnated Charmaine.


Then the brother of Jack’s former fellow soldier, Chris, found him and lets him know that they, as a family. Are not angry with him by any means. This visit was quite touching as it was very thoughtful to make sure Jack no longer feels guilty about losing Chris.

And yet it made an opposing effect on Jack as his guilt consumed him and lead him to lean on alcohol rather than discuss his issues with an expert. Mel couldn’t stand his downfall as it impacted her as well and warned him to beware of himself.

Mel forced Jack to get therapy, which eventually saved their relationship. They even decided to get married towards the end of the season. In the very end though, something quite surprising happened. Charmaine confessed that she lied about Jack being the father of her babies.

Jack’s face after hearing this was absolutely worth watching as he didn’t expect this at all. In season five, we expect him to confront Charmaine on the issue, which is likely to create a massive drama.

We also expect Mel and Jack to have a big wedding, which is likely to witness some unexpected plot twists as many are not happy to see the two together. The good news is that the fifth season is already confirmed by the showrunners.

Vergin River Season 5, Release Date

The bad news is that it will take more than usual for the new season to be released since the filming proceeds slower. With all this information, we can confidently claim that the new season will be out around August 2023, with a trailer hitting the internet on July 2023.

Do you think Jack and Mel will eventually get there happily ever after? Let us know what you think in the comments below.




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