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Westworld Season 4 Episode 7 Trailer Explain

Westworld Season 4 Episode 7 Trailer Explain

Westworld season 4 episode 7 trailer explained with the ending of this week’s episode looked like Maeve was going to be set loose in the city that has been created. It’s going to be an eventful episode for sure, with the trailer being released.

I thought I’d break it down and give my theories and predictions for next week’s episode of the show. So let’s get into it here is Westworld season 4, episode 7 trailer explained

The trailer opened up with the line This may come as a shock to you, but in time I think you’ll understand being spoken, we had this being voiced over as we had singular shots of the cityscape, but not looking agitated. Christina looked as though she was talking to somebody which I am going to guess was hovering mate, maybe sneaking around now that she’s been reactivated, and also hail as she turned around in her office.

I think hale is most likely turning around to face maids. As we saw later on in the trailer that the pair met and battled it out following this, we had a view of the city in a way that we’ve not seen before. Nature is something that was being projected all throughout something I feel we’ve not often seen be as prominent in the cityscape in previous episodes this season.

We also had teddy and Christina in the center of the city following the revelation that she held the ability to be able to control things in the world in real-time black hill and William, she’ll most likely be testing it out again and getting to the bottom of why she’s able to do so and why she’s responsible for all of this.

We then had a shot where we saw a riot control machine standing by with what looked like William and another individual walking past it with the voice-over specifying how it was the last day for their kind and that it was time for them to evolve into the species that they were always meant to become. I imagine we’ll be seeing hail in an attempt to regain control of the city that seems to be slipping out of her.

Force everybody to leave their human form behind and transcend like she’s been so desperately wanting the people to do, which is something I imagine is going to cause chaos and destruction due to the fact that she even said herself that people are less inclined to part ways with their human form with them staying in their human form.

It leaves them to be vulnerable to becoming an outlier as more and more of them are drifting away from control. So it’s no surprise that hale wants to get it done after this. We had a shot similar to what we saw in last week’s episode of William and it could well be the same shot.

But they’ve put it in the trailer to emphasize the blood and the importance of it when we last your William, he was talking to his human self about the purpose and the lack of it and also the lack of understanding of what he is, although he’s alongside hale. He’s most certainly a prisoner and that’s something that the human version made clear to him.

The host version was worried about potentially becoming infected in the sense that he had followed suit with all of the other hosts that stumbled across an outlay. So I imagine we’ll see if this will happen to him. But I think the main thing with this character will be if he continues to act as if he was obeying hails every command or if he wants more for himself, I think it will be a large part of the story, and if he does switch sides.

it would leave hale quite vulnerable. This shot was followed by hale looking at the seat where the act of transcending takes place, which we saw a couple of episodes ago and we also saw her admiring a form that was somewhat unrecognizable. It also looked like Bernard was inhaling office too, based on the location of where he was sitting the white walls, open window, and view of the city behind him. I’m imagining that himself, Maeve, and Frankie are going to be the main three that will be entering the main building in the attempt to take down hail

following the message that Frankie received from Caleb in episode 6. We then heard the voice-over. I’ve seen the path. Maybe that’s enough to give us hope. Which was insinuating the many different outcomes that Bernard saw following the events that unfolded at the end of season 3. We’ll also know this by the letterbox style shot, which symbolized when he visited the sublime whilst that voice-over was going on.

We had a quick succession of shots the first we got was a Frankian move together. They were in uniform and it was looking as though they were preparing to enter the city to take on hail, I think maybe is going to be the one that takes on hail directly and we’ll see Frankie go out and seek to locate her father so that they can be reunited for the first time in over 20 years.

She doesn’t know that he’s in the form of a host. So this will likely come as a surprise to her. So there may be some elements of trust issues that they’ll have to get past and she will also not know that is not susceptible to the mind control of hail. This is further supported by the following shot that looked as though we had stubs in Frankie amongst the chaos that had been caused in a tunnel.

Most likely due to the conflict in having to give up the human form, but they both noticed Caleb in the distance. So it looks as though the reunion is definitely. We saw the chaos that was also unfolding in the green area where it looked like there was both teddy and Christina about to walk amongst it. Christina doesn’t really know anybody in the city other than her roommate, teddy hale, and her boss.

So I’m imagining that she’s going to be going back to her apartment to check on her roommate to make sure that she’s ok considering that it looks like all hell has broken loose outside where I imagine will get a revelation of some kind as her roommate has been far too involved for there to be no connection or waiter issue at play. We then had a powerful shot of both maven hale facing off against each other.

Looking at each other before it looked as though the battle was going to begin and it’s taking place inside where hail tends to reside, the pair will have it out, but I don’t think that a winner will be decided in next week’s episode. I think that it will be left until the season finale in two weeks’ time. The final shot that we got was of Bernard in the sublime, highlighting the importance of the visions that he saw and how he knows of the many different ways that the situation.

I’m intrigued to see episode 7 of the show. We had an intimate episode in number 6, which was mainly focused on Caleb, which allowed Aaron Paul to deliver one of his finest performances in the show. We saw the vulnerability that has had and the paranoia she almost held due to the fact that the control that she so desperately desires to hold over the city was gradually slipping away and we also saw maith being awoken by Bernard and Frankie, which allowed them to now have access to the hero that they all need.

I think next week’s episode is going to be big and I think it will end on a cliffhanger, allowing the season finale to be something that is everything at stake with hale and her team having the upper hand Westworld doesn’t tend to have the traditional happy endings. So I’m not expecting that at all, but it’s expecting there to be a twist that we’ve definitely not even considered yet something that may change the trajectory of the final two episodes.

Christina’s role has been underplayed this season so far and the importance of the character has only just really come. So I’m looking forward to seeing what role she’ll play in the closing episodes and if she takes the side of good or evil aside from hell. She’s quite literally the next person who holds the most power.
But she doesn’t even know it yet. So there you have it west world season 4, episode 7 trailer explained



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