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WhatsApp new features update- do you know New Features

WhatsApp new features update- do you know New Features

In this post, I am going to share some of WhatsApp’s amazing new features for 2022. Let’s not talk about an app that most of us use daily. I’m talking about WhatsApp, the messaging app is known for introducing new features and updates at regular intervals. The aim is to improve users.

Over the last few weeks, the company rolled out quite a few interesting features that we think many of you might not be aware of. Let’s look at that one.

Mute or mess that specific person on a Whatsapp group

Did you know that you can now mute or mess that specific person on a Whatsapp group, this can come in handy. Even some people forget to mute themselves. So even if you forget to turn off your microphone, your colleagues or friends can save you from some embarrassment.

Also, the messaging service has added an indicator so you can easily see when more people join calls. It could be quite helpful during large meetings.

Whatsapp is also giving its users greater privacy controls. You can now select who from your contact list can see your personal information such as profile, photos, and lasting stages until now you could only block those settings for either everyone or all the contacts on your phone.

And did you know that Whatsapp has also updated the app with a feature that lets you add up to 32 participants in a group voice gone until a few weeks ago, the Whatsapp limit for group voice called for eight users?

Send media up to 2GB with WhatsApp

The messaging app, however, can accommodate 512 people. And if you think you can only send small media files on WhatsApp, let me tell you that has also been improved. The messaging app now lets users send photos, videos, and documents up to 2 GB in size.

The limit was earlier set to. The new features on WhatsApp can be quite useful, so update the app to start using them. And if you think your friends and family may not know about these new improvements in Whatsapp share with them this post
What do you think about this WhatsApp update tell me in the comment section?

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