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why are many people dying from heart attacks

why are many people dying from heart attacks?

There’s an issue that we must talk about. Have you noticed how so many young people are dying of heart attacks,  why heart attacks are suddenly claiming young lives for the longest time heart ailments for problems we associated with older people?

Those above the age of 60 but earlier today a young politician died in India she was all of 42. She died of a heart attack a couple of months ago. It was singer KK. He was 53 years old. He died of a heart attack cricketer Shane ward, 52 years old, again died of a heart attack young actors have died, and young athletes have died. They were all seemingly fit. So what went wrong? Before we put together the story, we spoke to some doctors to look for answers and this is what they told us.

6 things that make a person vulnerable to heart attacks

Dr. said there are 6 things that make a person vulnerable to heart attacks,

  1. diabetes,
  2. blood pressure,
  3. and blood cholesterol.
  4. Smoking,
  5. family history
  6. lifestyle

how vulnerable you are to a heart attack depends on how you fare on this chart. But here’s the thing, neither high sugar levels nor high blood cholesterol levels are a new phenomenon. People in their thirties and forties have been diagnosed with these problems for a while. Now people in their thirties and forties have also been smoking for generations. Now, what has changed recently? And this is where we need to understand the biology behind a heart attack. What triggers it? A person suffers a heart attack when a lower flow of blood.

heart attack when a lower flow of blood

The flow of blood to the heart is reduced or blocked. Why does that happen? Because a blockage in the arteries does not happen overnight. It takes years of fat to build up a high level of cholesterol or the like. The narrower the arteries, the lesser the flow of the blood. Some of you may be surprised to learn that by the time a person reaches the late twenties or early thirties man or woman. They’re likely to already have a certain amount of blockage in the arteries.

The blockage, however, is mostly negligible. But one episode of stress can sometimes push the heart over the edge. It can be anything a new workout regime, a physical ailment, or a stressful life event.

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Now the Wuhan virus has been a stressful event for a lot of young people and old, of course. They’re either grieving someone or stressing over a lost job or their body is stressed because of long covid or covid related heart problems and this is where we must also bring in the role of lifestyle changes you see most people don’t get regular heart check-ups. That’s obviously because for the longest time. There has not been the need to get your heart checked at an early age.

So without pre-cardiac checkups, people sign up for rigorous workout routines. They lift weights, and experiment with high-intensity training sometimes their heart can’t afford this physical stress, but how do you explain this to a workout obsession? Then there’s also the stress from work which we call occupational stress. It is constantly on the rise. Sometimes the body is also stressed because of a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, or smoking.

what should you do to stay safe?

So what should you do to stay safe, and go for routine health checkups, especially if you have a family history of heart problems? Doctors say heart ailments of youngsters mostly go undiagnosed. You should keep an eye out for some symptoms of heart problems. Your body could be sending out signals in unique ways through pain, in the arms or in the jaw. You may start feeling restless heavily. In your chest or in the arms. You must seek medical help the moment you feel uneasy because at the end of the day, while heart attacks have increased among young people, this is a problem that can be avoided.




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